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The Southern 50 Challenge

The annual Southern 50 is a prestigious challenge hike, one of the longest running events of its type in Scouting.

A navigation event in the Chiltern Hills every year since 1980, through the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire, organised by Greater London North Scout County.

There are three routes, 50mile and 50km open to all and a 30km route exclusively for Explorer Scouts.

The event is a test of good orienteering skills as well as physical ability and teamwork and unlike other well-known hikes the routes are different each year and so local knowledge will not be of help as the route will not be disclosed until the day of the event. All teams therefore start with exactly the same chance of winning a trophy.

Like any other long-distance challenge, the effort required to last the full course and receive a finishing certificate is an achievement.

Many like to return to have another crack at the trophy or just to improve on their time. Whatever the reason, you will enjoy our challenge and, we are sure, find the event very rewarding.

The event



The 30km event is exclusively for Explorer Scouts. It contains all the adventure, fun and challenge of The Southern 50 and has been designed as a step up from our sister event, the Chiltern 20 to either the 50km or 50 miles events.



The ever popular 50km event is a tough challenge. It’s teamwork at its best by testing stamina and resilience, tackling hills, map reading, orienteering and a racing against time. What more could you want on a winter’s weekend?



The ultimate challenge! 50 miles in under 24 hours. Are you ready for UK Scouting’s most prestigious hiking challenge? Training.... Training.... Training.... That’s the key to success.