Please ensure all members of your team read these instructions as well as the Rules and Kit List and that you all understand the arrangements for the event.


A large secondary school somewhere in The Chiltern Hills. Your team manager will be told the exact location two weeks before the event


The emergency telephone number for Central Control is 07960 282626 which will be active from 21:00 on Friday and throughout the event. Ensure your team ‘In Touch’ has this number.


The School will be open from 21.00hrs on the Friday and you may report in at any time from then until TWO HOURS before your scheduled start time. Teams will be notified of their start time by email prior to the event.

Please follow the signs for the car park for this event as you enter the School. It is important that you do not park in other areas or obstruct access to the School for other vehicles.

There will be direction and other signs displayed at the School to assist you in navigating your way around. Please do not settle down anywhere other than where instructed. If you arrive late at the School please be considerate to others and bed down quickly and quietly.


On arrival follow signs to REGISTRATION. When you check in please report as a complete team, you will be issued with the following:

  • Individual Identity Wristbands which should be worn on the wrist at all times for identification and obtaining meals. The emergency telephone number is also on the wrist band.
  • Luggage Labels, to be tied to the luggage bag you are leaving behind. Please make sure you pack your kit into bags, attach the label and take it to the baggage desk before your start so that it will be ready for collection at the finish.

If you have any team member changes, please log on to the online entry database and make the necessary amendments. This can be done up until 10pm on the Thursday before the event. After this time, changes will need to be made at the registration desk on arrival.

Additional help can be found by visiting the Information Desk.


  • There will be no food served on Friday evening.
  • Saturday breakfast will be served from 04.30 hrs to 07.30 hrs.
  • An evening meal will be provided on return to the School from 18.30 hrs onwards.
  • Sunday breakfast will be served from 07.00hrs to 09.00hrs.


Teams will start on Saturday morning from 06:00 hours leaving at timed intervals, first away will be the 50 mile teams followed by the 50 km and 30 km teams.

Preparing for the start:

  • Drop your luggage at the baggage desk.
  • Proceed to the kit check desk at least 30 minutes before your start time where your team will be subjected to a full kit check.
  • Each team member will be allocated a tracker band to tag out at the start and check in at each checkpoint and the finish.
  • Your team will be called to the start two minutes before your start time, where you will be given the route, this will be the first time you have seen it.
  • Time to plot the first checkpoint, decide which way to go and then you are off, tag out.


The route taken between checkpoints is entirely at your own discretion provided you observe any specific instructions issued on the day. Please take extra care to follow the route you have been given and to visit the checkpoints in the correct numerical order.

Please remember at all times to obey the Country Code and Highway Code. At various times road walking will be essential but teams should NOT walk on ‘A’ class roads unless instructed to do so. Motorways are strictly out of bounds. Where a route meets an ‘A’ road please take care to cross safely especially near the end of the walk when the light is bad and you are tired. When walking along ‘B’ class roads and minor roads you should walk in single file on the right hand side (facing oncoming traffic) and stay alert. When the light fades those still walking must ensure that their high visibility jacket or vest is worn or is clearly visible.

At each checkpoint you must present your entire team to the checkpoint marshal who will log your arrival, you must also scan your tracker band on the scanner.

Team members must keep together at all times and you should note that it is the time of the last team member that is recorded. At all checkpoints there will be some form of refreshment and you are strongly advised to take on some food and drink each time. Long stops, however, waste time and allow muscles to stiffen.

If a member of your team wishes to retire, they may do so but only at a checkpoint.


When completing the walk and arriving at the finish, you MUST scan your tracker band on the scanner and book in showing your ‘identity wristband’.

If you have not completed the walk and have retired at a check point, you will be transported back to the school by official transport. You will be scanned onto the bus and the driver will collect your tracker band from you when you reach the school. You will then be accompanied to the finish to book in and collect your kit. These arrangements are necessary to ensure everyone can be accounted for and rescue teams are not sent out unnecessarily.

Your walking boots/shoes you use for the event will be taken from you at the Finish Control and placed in a bin bag with your team number on it, this can be collected when you leave. This policy allows us to keep the accommodation as free of mud as possible. Please make sure you bring with you a change of footwear.

The First Aid team will be available to provide medical assistance if needed. You will then have the opportunity to wash and change before enjoying your evening meal.

When collecting your kit at the finish please only collect your own. Trying to help others by collecting theirs usually ends in confusion.


Rescue teams will be operating throughout the event. If a participant is unable to continue when in open country, the entire team should stay together and advise Central Control by telephoning the emergency number. Any team finding another in distress must assist and ensure that those in distress are comfortable before continuing to the next checkpoint where they MUST report their findings. Suitable time allowance for any such action will be made at the discretion of the organisers.

First aid support for the event is provided by the Eastbourne District First Aid Team.


Those of you bringing along supporters are reminded that food and accommodation can be provided but the cost of meals is payable. Supporters staying over should report to the INFORMATION DESK where they will be issued with a RED wristband and can purchase a block of meal tickets.

Supporters should also remember that food and drink at checkpoints is for teams only. Supporters can pick up details of the route from the Information Desk once all the teams have started and should ensure that any parking restrictions are followed.


The presentations for all three events will start at 09.30hrs with an event summary, guest speaker, certificates, and trophy presentation, finishing with the event video. The whole event should be complete by 11.00hrs. The wearing of uniform for the presentations is optional but preferred.

The organisers would appreciate any help with 30 minutes of clearing up at the end.


For your safety and the future of the event please observe the following whilst on the School premises:

  • No smoking anywhere in the School or anywhere on site.
  • Fire Exits must be kept clear.
  • Do not obstruct doors or gangways.
  • Do not obstruct or tamper with fire fighting equipment.
  • Familiarise yourself with the fire evacuation procedure.

In case of fire:

  • If you discover a fire, sound the alarm, alert a Southern 50 Challenge organiser, and call the fire services (or ensure someone does).
  • On hearing the alarm proceed to the nearest fire exit and make your way to the fire assembly point outside the building.
  • Once outside at the assembly point give your name to the official on duty.

The Southern 50 Challenge organisers will take charge in the event of a fire. Please follow any instructions they give.