Results Base Team Manager/Profile

To register and manage team entries, a Team Manager must first setup a Profile, if you do not already have an existing Profile with Results Base for other events. This is your ’account’ with which you can see events that you have entered, entries and orders for future events. Once you have a Profile you are ready to register teams and manage any that you register.

What information do I need to register a Team

  • Distance, team size and name.
  • Participant name, gender, date of birth, email and mobile phone number (used only in emergencies if the organisers need to contact the team during the event).
  • Scout Group / Explorer Unit and Scout County.
  • Dietary, medical conditions, allergies or require medication.
  • Scout Association Membership Number if 18 or over.

Registration of Teams

During the registration process you can register more than one team, each registered team appearing in your order, a summary is shown on right.

You can register new teams at any time by starting a new order.

Start the registration for the first Team.

Select distance, select 50mile, 50km or 30km.

Team information, select team size 3, 4 or 5 participants. You can add, move or remove a participant later if necessary.

Team information, enter team name.

Select Specify team members to complete the participants information for this team.




Once you have completed all the Participants for this team ‘Registration 1’, if you want to register another team at the same time you must select ADD ANOTHER REGISTRATION, ‘Registration 2’ will be shown, complete the process as for the previous registration.


Once you have registered all the team(s) for this order, select NEXT to continue.

Complete the Team contact information for each team registered.


Complete the Participant additional information for each of the participants.


On completion of the Team and Participant information, select NEXT to proceed to the Payment section.

Check your order summary and confirm the Terms of trade and Billing address.


Select TO PAYMENT to proceed to the STRIPE payment page where you can enter your payment details.


Once the payment has been taken, you will be passed back to the Results Base Online Entry Registration system and a receipt will be emailed to the Team Manager/Profile Account. The receipt shows details of the order placed with the teams that have been registered. The receipt contains two special links Order edit code this link will take you to a summary of your order and the Edit code (one for each team you register) will take you to the team summary.


Managing Registered Teams

All orders and team entries can be managed through your Profile, click on the My Area in the top menu bar, select Tickets to view your registered teams. From here you can view the receipt and make changes to the team and participant information. They can also be managed via the ‘Edit code’ on the receipt.

Adding an additional Participant to an existing Team

If you have already registered a team into the event and the team size selected was 3 or 4 and you now need to add an additional Participant. Please contact us at and we will provide you by email a link to allow you to create a solo Participant, that we can then add to the team for you, once complete you will be able to manage the extended team as normal. There are no additional payments for this process.

Follow these instructions for using this link once you receive it.

Paste the link we have provided into your browser and logon using your Team Manager/Profile Account to create this solo participant. The distance will already be selected as SoloEntry.


Select NEW PARTICIPANT and enter the Participant details as you would for any other team.


Select NEXT to continue and complete the Participant additional information.


Select NEXT to continue.

Check your order summary and confirm the Terms of trade and Billing address.


Select CONFIRM to complete the process, there is no payment to make. A receipt will be emailed to the Team Manager/Profile Account.

When you have completed this process, please contact us by reply to the email we sent you. Provide us with the name of the new participant you have registered, the Team Name that you want this new participant to be added to and the event distance that the team is entered for. We will confirm by email once this has been completed, you will then be able to manage this team as normal.

Removing or Moving a Participant from an existing Team

If you need to remove a Participant from an existing Team or move a Participant from an existing Team to another Team that you have registered. Please contact us at and provide up with the participant to be removed or moved, the Team Name and event distance that the Participant currently belongs to and if you are moving the Participant the Team Name and event distance that they need to be moved to. We will confirm by email when this has been completed.