Your data and what we do with it

GDPR regulations require that any information that we gather about participants in this event must be:

  1. only what is necessary and justifiable
  2. authorised by the subject, or an adult acting on behalf of the subject
  3. securely held and only disclosed to persons requiring the information to ensure the safety of all participants of the event, and safely and securely destroyed when no longer needed.

Our Security Statement:

NOTE: Southern 50 uses a 3rd party online registration system, currently Results Base. Data entered onto this 3rd party system is covered by their own Privacy Policy. Any data taken from this system and used by the S50 Organisers is covered by this Privacy Policy.

  1. We only collect the minimum amount of data needed to ensure a safe environment for all participants of the event. We collect the date of birth and membership number to confirm the identity of the subject and to ensure their eligibility to take part. Health information and dietary requirements are collected to ensure that we can provide a safe experience for all participants.
  2. Data taken from the registration system is only released to officials of the event needing it to ensure the safety of the participants and the safe operation of the event. At the beginning of the event we ask for the mobile phone number of some walkers so that we may be able to contact them during the event should this become necessary. This number is deleted on completion of the walk.
  3. After the event, and when the results have been published, all data taken from the registration system is erased. We do not hold this data for any purpose, and do not share it with anyone else.
  4. In the unlikely event of a data breach occurring, all adult leaders would be informed immediately by email. Adult leaders retain contact details of all walker participants and would need to make contact with them to explain the situation.
  5. The Southern 50 Challenge committee does not hold any contact details for participants (other than adult leaders) or any financial details.